What age groups do you teach? Do you teach adults also?

We primarily teach kids in 3rd-12th grade. We will have some parent/student classes and possibly a few all adult classes in the future.

What coding languages do you teach?

We teach a variety of coding languages, including but not limited to HTML/CSS, JavaScript, python, SQL. We will also use block-based coding for younger kids. Depending on the workshop, robotics and other STEM activities will also be introduced.

What are the benefits of learning to code?

Learning to code builds confidence, fosters creativity and communication, skills are in high demand which gives you tons of future opportunities, develops computational thinking, builds analytical skills, problem solving, logical thinking, develops teamwork and collaboration, and helps you understand the digital world around you.

Are all of your classes free?

Most of our classes will be free. However for our longer workshops, there will be a registration fee. The registration fee will include lunch and a t-shirt or other item, and prizes will be given away to contest winners.

Will my child have homework?

No, all work will be completed in class.

Do you teach other subjects/skills?

Our focus is to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) concepts, but we will incorporate other important life skills such as financial literacy, learning about credit, etc.

Does my child need to bring a computer or other device for class?

No, devices will be provided.

Can I attend class with my child?

There will be some classes where parent participation is required/encouraged, especially for younger students who may need assistance. Most classes will not need parent interaction.

What is the starting pay for jobs in technology?

It is hard to say because there are thousands of IT jobs. According to NACE, starting salaries for Information Systems graduates with a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree are higher than other typical business majors. For Bachelor's it is around $57,817 and Master's it is $67,632. Depending on the job title, it could be higher.

How do we donate to your organization?

You can donate online on our website by clicking here. You can also mail a check or money order to 3839 McKinney Ave, Suite 155-2045, Dallas, TX 75204.